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email marketing tool & service provider

One-to-one marketing that connects you with your customers

We help you to create personalized email campaigns that drive engagement and increase revenues.

Comprehensive real-time statistics

Manage your customer relations even better by automating emails. Congratulate your clients with their birthday or remember them that they left their filled shopping cart without finishing the online order. The power of such automation has proven itself time and time again.

Specialized in high volume emailing

The more relevant the message, the better the results! Segment the database in just a few clicks. Choose the email design template and content for specific target audiences to make the message as relevant as possible. This won’t only increase the conversion rate, but also the entire customer engagement.

Maximize optimization by split-run campaigns

Are you in doubt about what works best? Then A/B testing suits your needs! Minimal adjustments can sometimes generate huge differences and improvements in your results. Testing marketing and/or trigger mails is made very easy for you thanks to our split-run module which is integrated in Engine. Test the subject, sender, time of the mailing, your design template and optimize your results!

Easy drag & drop editor

Engine has the ability to easily let you create beautiful email template designs. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t have HTML skills, everybody can learn to work with the Quick Editor within minutes. We will deliver custom made templates, you only need to add pictures and text. Of course all our email templates are made fully responsive for mobile devices.

Easy to use

We strive to make emailing easier and more fun. The Quick Editor can easily be used by anyone. This saves you time and money.

Comprehensive Statistics

Every open, every click, every conversion… Everything is measured in eFuture’s Engine tool and formed into a readable summary report. By constant monitoring and smart A/B testing our specialists will get as many conversions out of your email efforts as possible.

Optimize the ROI

With the help of our comprehensive marketing module you will gain insight in your statistics. Investments and returns are automatically calculated and shown in your interface.

Compatible with your Content Management System

If you are using one of the most used CMS brands, like i.e. Magento or WordPress than we can make an easy API connection to send and receive all relevant data into both systems.

Do you want to know more about Engine? Contact us!

Reach your target audience using specific segmentation

Analyze the comprehensive statistics and optimize your email marketing channel. We don’t just show you opens, clicks and conversions, but also answer more complex questions like “What is the ROI of my lead campaign?” and “How is the overall engagement?”. This will give you more insight in the behavior of your target audience and you can adapt to it.

Some of the possibilities when you use eFuture’s Engine

Perfectly readable in all email software

Easy and quick editor

Segment audiences

Automatic (trigger) mailings

A/B tests

Action flow

XML feed automatically retrieved

Personalized emailing

Image database for all your uploads

HTML and/or text mails

Unsubscribe links

Manage bounces

Mail with a dynamic frequency

Comprehensive marketing module

No double email addresses

Comprehensive statistics: opens, clicks etc.

Google Analytics

Protect your brand against phishing and fraud with DMARC Analyzer

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

More information

Need inspiration? Check out our white papers:

Verbeter je deliverability

Vergroot je database

A/B testen

Verhoog je ROI

Proactive and personal guidance

Email marketing can have many approaches as to what strategy one should use. eFuture Engine will work closely together with you to help you decide what strategy is best for your needs. Our email marketing experts will proactively help you with optimizing the email marketing channel. From content optimization to implementing the best customer journey, we want to help you!


Our email marketing specialists are always there to help you


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eFuture Engine is monitored day and night to quickly fix any malfunction

Do you want to know more about Engine? Contact us!

“Engine enables us to daily send our newsletter in an automated way. Our subscribers are contacted based on their interests. Engine understands what way we want to stand out in comparison to our competitors. “

Sander Schoneville
Director / Co-founder

“We chose for a co-operation with Engine with one of our labels called Groupdeal. Groupdeal was very happy about the way they worked together with Engine, besides that Engine also gives great value for money.”

Axel Kennick
Online Productowner

“Engine is always there for us, whether it is for support or advise. Because of this they are the best partner for us when it comes to our Email Marketing needs. We send daily mails with offers and need to optimize and expand our database continuously.”

Jan Leeflang
Webshop Manager Voordeelkraam

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