Display Advertising & Remarketing for Display

A great reach using the right channels targeting a relevant audience, that is the challenge when it comes to Display Marketing and that is exactly where eFuture’s strength lies.

At eFuture we make sure that the target audience(s) and channels are thoroughly defined before campaigns are activated. Even more so, because Display marketing can be a vastly expensive channel. Cautious managing of this channel is a necessity.

Within the Display marketing channel there is another (more specific) marketing variant called Remarketing for Display, with this channel you can reach your website’s visitors with display ads. The strength of remarketing can be found in the fact that you reach your audience when they are much deeper in the conversion funnel and they need that extra push to convert. Also repeat purchases can be an important goal when you use using remarketing. A great plus using remarketing is its relatively low cost and being able to improve client retention.

  • Define goals and relevant display marketing channels
  • Target specific content within the Google Display Network
  • Form specific remarketing lists
  • Design and create banner ads in all sizes
  • Set-up Dynamic remarketing campaigns
  • A/B test your banners and landing pages

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